How to Contact TPM

During Office Hours

Monday to Friday  8.00 to 1700  

Contact DBE Services direct on 01254 958850 or email

Out of office hours, weekends and Bank Holidays

If it is an issue with your security or fire alarm ring the emergency number for your supplier.  This can be found on the front of the panel or on the list below.   The out of hours emergency number cannot help with alarm issues as they do not have the necessary engineer codes.

If it is a boiler issue it is best to ring the company that services your boiler as they know it and can probably sort the problem quickly.  There emergency contact number is on the list below

We have sent every school the above details relating to them.  The full list is contained in the panel below and you should find the number you require by scrolling down.

If it is some OTHER EMERGENCY then please ring 01254 958858 and you will be connected to our out of hours service who will ask what support you need and send a suitable contractor who will simply make the school safe.  Any repair work etc. should be arranged by ringing DBE Services first thing on the next working day.

If you have any issue you cannot resolve please ring our Chief Executive, Peter on 07970 923 141 if he does not answer you can leave a message and he will get back to you as soon as he can

To download the contact details click on link below. You can then either read them on line or print them.

Out of Hours Contact Details