What is TPM4 Schools?

TPM4 Schools is just a shorthand way of expressing our service which is a total property management service for schools offering support with every aspect of routine servicing; maintenance; planned and emergency repair; building development planning and the development, management and delivery of capital projects. We devised our scheme by working with head teachers to ascertain exactly what help and support they needed to manage the building and how they would best like to receive it.

Who are TPM4 Schools?

TPM4 Schools is a trade mark of DBE Services which itself is owned by six educational charities. Between the charities and DBE Services there is over 60 years experience of supporting schools with capital and revenue work. The charities collectively look after over 800 schools. DBE Services' staff has worked with schools for many years. The Chief Executive was Director of Education for one of the charities for twelve years.

What does TPM4 Schools offer?

First and foremost it offers advice on any aspect of the life of the school building. We believe that in order for schools to provide the young people they serve with the best possible learning environment heads and governors need professional buildings support just as much as they need support with delivering the curriculum and school improvement. We offer our advice service to all schools free of charge.

Our support for capital work begins with listening to staff, governors and pupils about their aspirations for the building; the subsequent production of a building development plan and then all that is involved in seeking funding; designing and delivering projects to work towards the master plan.

As you would expect we offer a 24/7/365 service for repair and maintenance but that is just for when things fail or go wrong. We want to discuss with you how best to use the scarce financial resources to meet statutory requirements and provide a safe place for people to study and work. We will explain what you have to do and what you might want to do if you had unlimited resources – but it is your building, your money, it is for you to decide what you want between those two extremes.

What does TPM4 Schools provide?

Our foundations are in educational charities so we continue to offer free advice in not a dissimilar way to that which was traditionally offered by Local Authorities. All our services are free until something tangible is being delivered be that a boiler service or a new classroom. To find out more about what the service covers simply click on the link below to view an overview of our services.

Overview of Services