DBE Services Total Property Management does what it says on the tin – it provides a service which ensures you are compliant with all regulations and provides a consultant who will work with you to share your hopes and dreams and help you develop any part of the building. It is the complete revenue and capital service. Every school is different and has different requirements – there is no such thing as “schools”, only your school. The package is individual to every school and designed in consultation with school staff. Whilst we have a comprehensive list of approved contractors we are happy to work with contractors the school currently uses or other local contractors.

There is a single management fee for everything we offer with no other up-lifts or add-ons no matter how much or how little reactive work you need.  By opening the following sections you can see what we are able offer.  The lists are not intended to be everything we can provide but simply a list of what most schools need. We do not have many schools which require flood defence systems serviced - but we do have them! Click section to show/hide


DBE Services is owned by six educational charities whose primary objective is to support heads and governors in the maintenance and development of the school building. It offers a total property management service which covers every aspect of capital development, regular servicing and reactive maintenance. It provides schools with a high quality service which can save schools a considerable amount of money on regular servicing and reactive maintenance costs. In the last year it has reduced costs overall by 10% and in some areas like legionella management the costs have been reduced by over 50%. For capital projects there are no costs unless a scheme is actually completed. First and foremost we offer a free independent advice service. You can contact us at any time for advice or support with any issue and we will help if we can. You do not have to be a member of the total property management scheme to access the advice service. We have access to hundreds of contractors who can offer services and support covering everything your school may require. We provide every school with a building consultant to support heads and governors in the development of their school building. For us every school is unique and we work with you to offer a service which meets the needs of your school. The service offers: A package of services designed to meet the individual needs of your school. A detailed breakdown of the cost of every service so you know exactly how much everything costs. A bespoke service which allows a school to choose contractors from our extensive list or continue to use existing or local contractors. Annual plan of servicing including names of contractor and dates when servicing will be carried out. Contractors chased by us to ensure they complete services at time specified and agreed with you. All contractors must make prior appointments. All contractors checked for H&S, methodology, competences, insurances etc. and assessed for best value. A 24/7/365 service for reactive and emergency maintenance. No charge (markup) for managing reactive work - the contractor’s bill is the cost you pay - many LAs and other providers add 5%/10%/15% or more for managing the process. No contract or notice period - if you are not happy or find something which better suits your needs you can leave (or join) when you want. Every year we survey all our schools and produce our “OFSTED” report and action plan. Following every reactive job we send an electronic survey so schools can comment on how we performed and how the contractor performed. All information, service plans, dates, service sheets and reports available through an on-line portal. Courses and training delivered directly into school/academy through Webinology. Regular newsletter. A named Building Consultant to advise you and support you with all your building needs. In the latest survey (December 2014) of all 300+ schools in the scheme; 94% considered we offered value for money; 99% said the staff were always helpful; 93% were happy with the management of servicing.

Compliance Areas

This is not an exhaustive list but covers what most schools need:

Boilers and Heating Plant
Gas Soundness
Disabled Equipment
PE and Playground Equipment
Lightning Conductors
Fixed Electrical and Infrastructure
Security Alarms
Fire Alarms
Emergency Lighting
Portable Fire Equipment
Access Equipment
Air Conditioning
Kitchen Infrastructure
Kitchen Equipment
Display Energy Certificates
Named contractors and agreed dates for regular servicing
All contractors required to make prior appointments
Detailed statements of exact cost for every service

Building Development

Consultant who will meet with school as required

Asset Management Advice Development Planning Design and Architectural Services Project Development & Specification CDM Project Management Tendering Planning Structural Advice Specialist M & E Advice[\toggle] [toggle title='Reactive and emergency maintenance'] 24/7/365 service Request work by email, fax, telephone Agreed response times from under 4hrs to 7 days Urgent work placed during working day in less than 30 minutes Named person handling work Job sheets copied to school at same time as contractor Estimates and Quotes No up-lifts or add-ons – you see the contractor’s invoice Satisfaction Survey after every job

Other building services

Energy/Utilities advice and competitive contracts IT advice and services - everything from an iPad to a whole school network Green energy advice including solar and biomass – we can currently offer installation and maintenance free biomass boilers.


Schools provided with service sheets, reports and all documentation to prove compliance (via web based portal) Independent professional support for heads, business managers and governors to help resolve any building issue no matter how arranged (This service can be used for any work no matter who procured it – and is often used when LA projects go wrong) 24hr access to DBE Services’ Chief Executive for help, support or issue resolution Many other services including training Recruitment support Payroll HR Governance reviews Post OFSTED support

Costs for service

Our buying power allows us to offer services at a very competitive rate which balances the need to deliver a high quality service, which can respond quickly at very short notice to mission critical incidents, and at the same time provide excellent value for money.  The total cost depends on the services you require,  We know that we are rarely, if ever, beaten on the cost of services. Our management fee depends on the size of school and the number of services.  It ranges form £250 to £1000 for individual schools with reduction for groups or clusters.  The fee includes both the management of regular services and provision of a 24/7 reactive service.  There are no uplifts or add-ons for reactive work the contractor invoice you see and you pay.  Being owned by educational charities our on-costs are low and we believe we have the lowest overall management  charges of any provider either public or private. To get a price for your school, academy or college give contact Peter using the contact form or  ring 01254 584690 or email peter@dbeservices.co.uk